circular hair loss

circular hair loss
It's not hair loss, it's a disease

What is circular hair loss?


As the body's immune system collapses, immune cells fail to protect themselves, but rather, immune cells attack their own hair follicles (autoimmune disease), which causes hair to fall out in a circular shape is called alopecia areata.

The relationship between autoimmune disease and alopecia areata


A normal immune system is responsible for protecting the body and defending it from external antigens, but an autoimmune disease is a disease that occurs when the immune function malfunctions and attacks normal cells or tissues in the body. Autoimmune diseases can also be caused by factors such as extreme stress or malnutrition.

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hair follicle attack

circular hair loss

skin attack

Atopy, allergy

joint attack

rheumatoid arthritis

lung attack


built-in attack

Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis

Types of circular hair loss


single round hair loss

Alopecia Areata monolocularis


Multiple alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata Multiocularis


frontal alopecia areata

Alopecia Totalis


systemic alopecia

Alopecia Universalis


​Acute fulminant alopecia areata

Acute fulminant Alopecia Areata

1) Single round alopecia

If the number of circular hair loss is one

2) Multiple alopecia areata

In case of two or more alopecia areata

3) Frontal alopecia areata

When all hair on the scalp including eyebrows and beard falls out

4) systemic alopecia areata

If not only the head but the entire body hair falls out

5) Acute fulminant alopecia areata

A case in which the amount of hair loss and the area of the alopecia suddenly become severe, often over just a few days, rather than classified by the number of alopecia areata

Characteristics of circular hair loss


natural healing possible

very small or

If the bald spots have not spread


chance of recurrence

Those with military history

high recurrence rate


other treatment period

depending on the patient's condition


everyone of all ages

If your immunity is weak

Anyone can happen

1) Natural healing is possible

Fortunately, alopecia areata can be cured naturally without treatment. Among those who do not have bald spots, there are many people who get better naturally. However, in some cases, if the size or number increases, treatment may be difficult and the treatment period will be longer.

2) There is a possibility of recurrence

It is a disease that is recurrent enough, and the recurrence rate is high, especially in those with a history. Therefore, with temporary symptom relief treatment, recurrence is easy.

3) Treatment period may vary

Treatment duration may vary depending on the patient's condition. As with all other common diseases, alopecia areata stops getting worse and gets better after a turn. With active treatment, it usually takes 3-4 months to turn. In other words, symptoms may temporarily worsen for an average of 3 to 4 months after treatment. However, if you stop treatment because your symptoms get worse, your symptoms will get worse and you may miss the treatment time.

4) Occurs regardless of age or gender

Alopecia areata is not a disease that only occurs in adults, but it is a disease that often occurs not only in the younger generation but also in children with weakened immune systems.

Causes of circular hair loss


caused by excessive stress
immune system abnormalities
the biggest cause

fast diet or
due to malnutrition
​ malnutrition due to

autoimmune disease

Hormonal abnormalities

underlying disease

sleep disorder


Things to consider when treating hair loss


Accurate diagnosis

Accurate Diagnosis

suitable treatment

Adequate Treatment


Accurate inspection required


Alopecia areata is characterized by prominent symptoms and is usually diagnosed quickly. It is not an exaggeration to say that identifying the cause from various angles determines the treatment direction and treatment effect.


blood test

liver, kidneys, thyroid, cholesterol,

Anemia level, etc.


hormones, essential minerals,
​ heavy metal inspection

Immune imbalance check


other diseases,
​ Determination of bodily dysfunction

Immune function problem identification


Determination of heredity

Identify some genetic factors

1) blood test

It checks the liver, kidney, thyroid, cholesterol, anemia levels, etc. to check the disease.

2) Hormone, essential minerals, heavy metal test

Factors that can cause immune imbalance are checked in advance. It is a test to improve and prevent diseases and promote health through the evaluation of nutritional imbalances in the body, heavy metal contamination and endocrine function, and based on the results, clinical nutrition and medical prescriptions tailored to each individual.

3) Identification of other diseases or deterioration of bodily functions

When the adrenal function is lowered, the immune function is lowered, which can lead to exacerbation of scalp inflammation.

4) Determination of heredity

There may also be some genetic factors.

Requires a wealth of experience from medical staff


Main factors that judge poor prognosis of alopecia areata

  • size of circular hair loss

    • if the size is large

  • Number of round hair loss

    • If there are two or more and they are connected, the prognosis is poor.

  • location of circular hair loss

    • Along the hair-to-hair border, the hairline, behind the ears, behind the nape, and in the middle of the ponytail are in bad places.

  • Recurrence

    • If recurrence has occurred more than once

  • Period of occurrence of circular hair loss

    • The duration of alopecia areata has a strong relationship with recovery potential. This is because the longer the elapsed period, the more damage the hair follicles can lead to permanent hair loss.​​


Accurate hair loss diagnosis


Based on the experience of performing hair loss treatment and hair transplantation for over 10 years, we have researched only hair.


honest care


We do not recommend treatment to patients who do not need treatment.

Treatment is decided by prognostic diagnosis, and those with a high probability of natural healing are not treated immediately, but only observed.

We propose an appropriate hair loss treatment plan in consideration of the patient's scalp condition and hair loss progress

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​Accurate diagnosis



Scalp Diagnosis Basic Test



hair growth rate test



blood test



Hair tissue heavy metal test

Required inspection

selective test



Cell membrane permeation test



Saliva/hormonal test



musculoskeletal examination



active oxygen test



Live function/lifestyle test

THL test

Total Hair Loss Test

What is a THL test?

The THL (Total Hair Loss) test is a systematic hair loss diagnosis test at Mori Clinic. It consists of four essential tests (scalp diagnosis and basic test, hair growth rate test, blood test, hair tissue heavy metal test) and five optional tests (cell membrane penetration). test, saliva/hormonal test, muscle type test, free radical test, biofunction/lifestyle test).

suitable treatment


It is the most commonly used medicine for alopecia areata or seborrheic dermatitis.



  • relatively cheap

  • Easy to handle, quick to use, and widely used


  • Side effects can be severe

  • Scalp depression, scalp inflammation, aggravation of circular hair loss, recurrence, etc.

  • For long-term treatment such as oral medications and injections, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, gastritis, gastric ulcer, etc.

  • Short-term use is fine, but symptoms worsen as the period of use increases and the intensity increases.

Immunotherapy and nutritional therapy are treatments that induce fundamental improvement by reducing side effects in the treatment of alopecia areata or seborrheic dermatitis.



  • few side effects

  • not good at relapse

  • It is not harmful to the body, but rather improves overall immunity

  • In some cases, treatment progresses significantly faster than steroids.


  • relatively high price

  • There may be temporary swelling and itching

Mori's treatment


At Mori Clinic, we are treating hair loss and dermatitis without using steroids.


immunization treatment

Non-steroidal immunocomplexes

Fundamental improvement treatment with no harm to the human body


immunization treatment

Fluid treatment supplied after identifying deficient components through hair component test

Nucleic acid, growth factor, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, liver detoxification, vitamin effect amplifying substance


regenerative light therapy

compound wavelength

Treatment to help improve and regenerate the scalp

1) Vaccination treatment

It is urgent to correct the disordered autoimmune disease of the patient in order to surely catch alopecia areata. Immunotherapy corrects the patient's disturbed immune system and provides fundamental treatment with fewer recurrences by resolving the patient's nutritional imbalance through nutritional therapy. It is a treatment that does no harm to the human body and fundamentally improves the scalp using immune complex substances (nucleic acids, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) rather than steroids. After treatment, those who have atopic dermatitis or skin eczema will improve these diseases together.


2) Immunotrophic treatment

In order to improve the resolution of nutritional imbalance, the treatment effect can be further doubled if the damaged hair follicles are repaired through nutritional treatment, and the exact condition is identified through the hair component test and then improved. Fluid therapy is a personalized treatment that combines nucleic acids, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, liver detoxification, and vitamin effect amplification substances. It is a method to restore the malfunctioning immunity that caused alopecia areata and normalize the immunity. It is a method to normalize immunity by suppressing IL-1 and TNF-a, which are representative inflammatory substances in the human body, and raising cortisol without lowering immunity by not using steroids.

3) Regenerative light treatment

It is a treatment that strengthens weakened hair follicles and helps improve and regenerate the scalp by irradiating the entire scalp with a complex wavelength as a principle.