• Opened a clinic specializing in hair transplant reoperation


  • Opened a clinic specializing in intractable hair loss!

  • October  Established hair loss science research institute affiliated with Mori Clinic (Seven Rema)

  • November  Soongsil University Biotechnology Lab & Korea Dimapure Tech Ultra-High Pressure Research Institute joint research (the largest test system for hair loss in Korea)


  • Presentation of cutting-edge Western medical technology and clinical data at the East-West Medical Association [2008.Spring/Autumn Academic Presentation]

  • February  Establishment of cell examination center affiliated with Mori Clinic (Seven Rema) Technical cooperation with Easy Paul Health Checkup Center

  • April  Customer service and active participation in overseas activities through the Medical Management Service Support Center

  • july  Free support for early hair loss treatment for unemployed students at Naver Hair Loss Cafe

  • October  Good morning Shinhan Securities MOU signed

  • November  Free pediatric hair loss treatment support for underprivileged children [SBS Broadcasting Report]


  • January  Anti-aging specialist clinic expanded and opened

  • Free hair transplant support for low-income workers at e-Xanadu (welfare company)

  • March  Free hair transplant surgery for unmarried men in rural areas selected by local government for Kookmin Bank's Nagaeji Love Movement [Korea Daily Report]

  • Imavan (hair loss cafe) Free re-operation support for hair transplant failure patients

  • july  Free surgery support for wounded special hair transplantation for foreign workers [Hyundai SKY Broadcaster Participation]


  • April  FCB Twelve Stem Cell Bone Marrow Banking Designated Center

  • Aug. Mori Hospital (Seven Rema) Foreign patient attraction designated hospital “Foreign patient attraction registration certificate” (2010.8.22)

  • October  Signed MOU with ITF Hair Experts Association [Hair Transplant Certification Hospital]

  • November  Bangladesh hair transplant medical service and advanced medical technology seminar

  • December  -China (Qingdao) “Advanced Seminar for Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss Treatment” Lecture-Participation in “Momma Campaign” for pediatric cancer patients [hair donation]-Participation in Hope Sharing Campaign for pediatric cancer patients at Hanyang University College of Medicine (donation of blood)


  • January  Seminar lecture at ITF 'International Scalp and Hair Forum' [Topic: Clinical presentation of hair transplantation and hair loss treatment]

  • February  Established Medical Science Research Center affiliated with Mori Clinic (Seven Rema)

  • March  Signed MOU with IST “International Scalp and Hair Association” [Scalp Day Designation: Free hair loss treatment support for low-income patients every month]

  • April  Wild Bird Guild Sponsorship Support for free hair loss treatment for bereaved families

  • May  (G) Police Firefighters Association Support for free hair transplantation for wounds caused by disasters and burns

  • August  -Support for “HAIR KOREA 2011” for free DNA hair transplantation for low-income patients

  • -Mori Clinic (Seven Rema) number series stem cell shampoo launch [International Hair Loss Exhibition] Participation

  • September  (China) Signed MOU with Dalian University College of Medicine

  • October  Signed MOU with Cho Yong-jin Facial Research Institute. Conducted joint research on hairline and hair transplant design

  • November  Presentation of the paper “Research on 3D-hairline design” at the inaugural meeting of the Korean Hair Loss Association [Korea Contents Association]

  • December  Presentation of a research thesis on the symptoms of hair loss patients [Korean Society of Medical Information]


  • January  HIR (Helthcare Research Information) “Analysis of the correlation between the main complaint symptoms and hair loss in hair loss patients”

  • March  -Taiwan Taipei (Hair Restoration Society) medical conference invitation lecture

  • -Seminar for the opening of the Korean Society of Primary Medical Care


  • May  Paper presentation at the request of the Taiwan Hair Transplantation Society

  • October  Publication of the thesis request for anti-aging technology in Taiwan


  • March  Education on how to visit the hospital by a Taiwanese doctor

  • May  Eyebrow Transplantation Education by American Doctors

  • August  Representative director of National Assembly 119 Fire Education Hearing


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