1. Before surgery

Consultation time + test time about 10 to 15 minutes


1. Desk reception

  • Create an initial chart

  • Whether or not to take hair loss medication

  • Hair transplant experience

  • family history of hair loss


2. Scalp Diagnosis

  • scalp condition check

    • hair loss range

  • hair condition check

    • hair density

    • hair thickness

    • hair nutritional status


3. Consultation with the CEO

  • Based on the contents written at the time of receiving treatment and the results of scalp diagnosis,  Check for other hair loss diseases

  • Scalp Flexibility Check

  • Diagnosis of transplant parameters

  • Transplant design consultation

  • Transplantation method consultation

  • cost consultation

  • (Incision/non-incision, general/PRP, DNA, stem cell)


4. THL inspection

  • Required inspection

    • Scalp diagnosis and basic examination

    • hair growth rate test

    • blood test

    • Hair tissue heavy metal test

  • selective test

    • cell membrane permeation test

    • Saliva/hormonal test

    • musculoskeletal examination

    • Free radical test

    • Live function/lifestyle test

※ Necessary tests (blood test, hair growth rate test, hair heavy metal test) and optional tests required for patients

2. On the day of surgery


5. Shoot

  • Dress up in patient clothes

  • Taking pictures of the transplant site before surgery from multiple angles


6. Interview with the director

  • Check condition before surgery

  • Transplantation method and transplant plan will be explained once again


7. Basic examination before surgery

  • blood pressure check

  • pulse check

  • Antibiotic allergy check


8. Occipital hair follicle collection

  • incision / non-incision

현미경을 들여다보는 연구원

9. Separation of hair follicles

  • Rest in the recovery room during hair follicle separation

  • Meals provided


10. Design of the graft site

  • Design of transplantation site design and coordination of opinions with patients


11. Transplant

  • Hair transplant/slit/mixed method


12. Check transplant status and return home

  • After surgery, check the transplant status

  • Rest in the recovery room depending on the condition after transplantation

3. After surgery


13. 1st disinfection

  • After surgery, check the transplant status and dressing after visiting the hospital the next day


14. Secondary Disinfection

  • After surgery, the next day after surgery, check the transplant status and dressing


15. Stitch removal (in incision)

  • 10 days after surgery (It can be delayed, but it is not good to remove it in advance.)


16. Check progress

  • Periodically check progress at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year after surgery