​first visit


1. Desk reception

  • Create an initial chart

  • Check the hair loss type to be consulted

  • Check for other diseases

  • hair loss period

  • Recurrence


2. Scalp Diagnosis

  • scalp condition check

    • hair loss range

    • hair loss size

    • redness

    • Inflammation

    • corneous

    • folliculitis

  • hair condition check

    • hair density

    • hair thickness

    • hair nutritional status


3. Consultation with the CEO

  • Based on the contents written at the time of receiving treatment and the results of scalp diagnosis,  Detailed hair loss disease treatment with the representative director. 

  • According to the symptoms of the patient, after the detailed examination for the cause of hair loss, the results are consulted.


4. THL inspection

  • Required inspection

    • Scalp diagnosis and basic examination

    • hair growth rate test

    • blood test

    • Hair tissue heavy metal test

  • selective test

    • cell membrane permeation test

    • Saliva/hormonal test

    • musculoskeletal examination

    • Free radical test

    • Live function/lifestyle test

※ Necessary tests (blood test, hair growth rate test, hair heavy metal test) and optional tests required for patients

Second visit

​(within 3~7 days after the first visit)


5. Analysis of test results and consultation

  • Consultation on the cause and improvement direction as a result of the detailed examination of the cause of hair loss


6. Determining Need for Treatment

  • Precautions and self-care advice when treatment is not required

  • Care by taking medications or nutritional supplements according to the test results

  • Determination of hospital treatment plan and treatment intensity treatment cycle


7. Treatment

  • Treatment contents are different depending on the symptoms, but continuous care during the treatment period

  • Determination of cure and evaluation of recurrence after treatment

8. Cure

  • Progress check at regular intervals after completion

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle