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A message from the management: We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment you may have experienced. The problem is in the back server. Description: A couple of years ago Henry was part of a band in a small college town. His showmanship allowed him to woo women and he was really good at it. In a small town like his, if he was lucky enough to get some time alone, he would knock their socks off. Lucy, on the other hand, was still a bit shy. One day Henry saw Lucy looking sad. He was touched by her loneliness. He invited her to be his date to a concert. Afterwards, Henry made a point of remembering every detail of the experience and had the band write a song about it. The problem is: Henry has no recollection of their encounter. A surprising but unfortunate side effect from being in the band. What if Lucy actually did meet Henry? Will the memories of their time together affect her? Review: In this enjoyable YA novel, the story revolves around Henry, a guy who has made it his business to know how to seduce women. This goes a bit too far for Lucy, a shy girl who seems to know almost nothing about Henry. But that's the kind of character Lucy is. She's bold, a bit too arrogant, and completely oblivious to Henry's charm. But what happens next, without realizing it, is a shocker. Henry has a problem with his memory. He's practically been robbed of the ability to recall past events. While the girls in the band he was part of still remember him, Henry has lost his memories. It's up to Lucy to help Henry with this. But how can they? This young adult novel is written in a simple and straightforward style. The author manages to create a set of characters that are so familiar. You just can't help but like them. And after reading the book, you get a good idea of why Henry and Lucy are such a great match. Hachette Book Group Australia has released the cover and Blurb for the newly released The Memory Fixers, out September 12. Check out the cover and the Blurb below: The Memory Fixers By: Tracy K. Smith Henry, a musician, is recruited by Dr. Janne to help out on a case in which a man is getting high on his memories. AUTHOR’S COMMENT: It feels as if I’m always




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50 First Dates 1080p Torrent reatchry
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